In this article we will guide you to create VOD Menu-s and Carousels. The VOD Menu on the application side is build to be dynamic and be configured from the Management system. This means choosing the movies, menus and positioning on the end user application side.

  1. Creating VOD Menus
    On the VOD group on the management system, you will find the VOD Menu on the dropdown list. Choose the option and click on Create. The information required are described below :
    a. VOD Menu Name – Title of the menu that will be shown on the application side
    b. Description – This field is needed only for your company, to add a description for the menu. Will not be displayed on the application side
    c. Order – Set a number starting from number 1. The lower the number, the menu will be positioned at first.
    d. Pin Protected – Check the box only if the menu will have content needed to be accessed via PIN
    e. Is Available – Check the box to make the menu available to be displayed on the application side.
  2. Create VOD Menu Carousels
    Each Menu will have carousels that will show up content, like VOD Movies or TV Shows. After creating the Menu, you will see the option “Add VOD Menu Carousel” displayed. Click the option and start filling the information as described below :
    a. VOD Menu ID – A dropdown will be shown with the menus created. Choose the one you will associate the carousel.
    b. Carousel Name – Name of the carousel that will be displayed on the application side ( for example Most Viewed Channel)
    c. Order – Defines the position of the carousel within the menu. Use numbers from 1 and higher.
    d. URL – Here will be defined the API URL to choose content which will be displayed. Below you will find the list of the API that are available to be used
    e. Is Available – Check the box to have the carousel shown on the application side



  • Latest Movies : /apiv3/vod/vod_list?order_by=release_date&order_dir=desc
  • Most Watched Movies : /apiv3/vod/mostwatched
  • List a category / genre of VOD Movies : /apiv3/vod/vod_list?category_id=nr
    Nr should be replaced with the unique category ID (for ex. /apiv3/vod/vod_list?category_id=1)
  • TV Shows grouped from a category / genre : /apiv3/tv_show/tv_show_list?category_id=nr
  • Latest TV Shows : /apiv3/tv_show/tv_show_list?order_by=release_date&order_dir=desc