To create Main Menu Items follow these steps

  1. Go to Main Menu (on administration panel)
  2. Click on Create button
  3. Fill all the mandatory fields
  4. Click submit

Required Fields :

  • Title – Name of main menu item (for example Live TV)
  • URL – In case you are adding an external application (for example youtube) fill the application url to open it on browser  view. If the application is already installed on the device , enter the package name of the application (you can find that on playstore) , to open the application from Magoware main menu
  • Icon – Upload icon for main menu item (refer to the image ratio on comments below field)
  • Menu Code – Choose from drop-down list the type of main menu item you are creating
    For the external applications the specifications are as below :
    URL – For the application which will be opened on browser view
    Application Menu – For the applications already installed on device to open them as apps
  • Application’s IDs – Choose from drop down list one or more device application this main menu will belong to.
  • Position – Determines the position of this menu item in main menu (for example if you place number 1 , this menu item will be the first one in main menu)
  • Is available – In order to show this menu item in application you have to check the box,

Main Menu Items should be created depending on application linked with management system.
If you are using application for Android Phones, you should create all menu items for this application id.
You can choose for each menu item all the application platforms you intend to use