The management system source code is published on GitHUB and it is open source. To install it locally on your server please follow the below steps :

1. Install Nodejs on the server

Nodejs Version required is 8.xx ( other versions are not supported at the moment)

2. Copy the source code from GitHUB, using command line or any program for file transfer.

There are no limits or requirements for the path where you copy the source code on the server.

3. Install MySQL or use the connection of MySQL you may have in use on other instances.

Create a blank database to MySQL to use if for Magoware management system. There are no requirements for MySQL version.

Make sure MySQL is installed with secure installation and the credentials you will use later have access to allow database connection with the management system.

4. Within the Magoware folder on your server run the following commands to install npm packages

a) sudo npm install - on linux OS

npm install - windows OS 

b) sudo npm install stripe - Linux OS

npm install stripe - Windows OS 

5. Run the server 

Run the followin command to run the server : 

sudo node server.js  - Linux OS

node server.js  - Windos OS 

After running the above command , database credentials will be required : 

database username

database password

database host

database name

Make sure the database credentials are correct, otherwise the database will not be populated with the default values and will not allow you to login. 

After a successful run of the service, you can access the management system on browser. To url format should be :