After a successful installment, you will be able to access the management system on your browser and login to the panel. However, if the command line is closed, you will see that the management system will be no longer accessible. 

To avoid that , you can use services that keep the server running. One of them is pm2 service. 

  • To install pm2 service run : 

sudo npm install pm2 -g  / Linux OS 

npm install pm2 -g  / Windows OS 

To run the Magoware server with pm2 execute within the root folder of Magoware : 

sudo pm2 start server.js  / Linux OS

pm2 start server.js  / Windows OS 

Below you will find some other commands of pm2 that can help you :

pm2 stop server.js  / When executed within the root folder of Magoware stops the server

pm2 stop [serviceid] / Stops the service running with that ID 

pm2 show [serviceid] / Prints information about the service like path, date installed etc

pm2 restart [serviceid] / Restart the service if changes are done and restart is necessary 

pm2 logs [serviceid]  /Prints on command line operational logs of the server